Arba Minch Institute of Technology

The course aims to help students gain concepts and skills about the fundamentals of computer programming that will allow them to solve basic problems. An advanced programming course based on C++ programming language and designed for students with having prior programming experience. Furthermore, it has both theoretical and practical hands-on sessions to allow students to develop their problem-solving and programming skills. 
Topics covered in this course include arrays & strings, pointers, functions, class, operator overloading, file I/O streams, and other advanced topics.

Course description:
This course is designed for people without prior programming experience. The topics covered include problem solving, C++ basics, control structure, array, pointers, string, function, structure, and file management.
Course objectives:
-Solve problems using procedural programming languages
-To know and use C++ programming language
-To know concepts of class in C++
-To get familiar with pointer and its application

This is Test course